Monday, May 19, 2008

Songcatching Moonbeams!

I am completely in love with Elizabeth Mitchell's music for children these days. I found her music on as one of the top selling independent children's artists, and I can see why she has found success! Mitchell's last album, you are my little bird, is sold through the Smithsonian Folkways Recording site. Mitchell's gentle acoustic sound and simple renditions of traditional favorites are just what kids need to hear in these days of over digitized existence.

Elizabeth Mitchell: You are my little bird CD
"Once in a great while we encounter an artist who stands consciously and directly in the tradition of children’s music that Folkways has carried for nearly 60 years, and Elizabeth Mitchell is one such artist. Her lovely voice brings a fresh sound to cherished American folk songs and other melodies from around the world. In a peaceful yet powerful way, she reintroduces us to the songs we thought we knew so well." Smithsonian Folkways Recording
You are my sunshine CD
"A new kind of children's music- one where you can imagine the carter family and mississippi john hurt dancing to bo diddley and the b-52s, more of the quiet acoustic feeling of "you are my flower" with some early rock and roll, gospel and more."CDBABY.COM
You are my flower CD
"Beautiful old time acoustic folk songs for children, with soft female vocals and light instrumentation. Great for calming and warming the little ones in your family without grating on parents' nerves." CDBABY.COM

I also recently discovered Renee and Jeremy! it's a big world is a collection of songs for all ages.
The duo Renee and Jeremy gently harmonize with sweet acoustic guitar accompaniment...
This CD is well loved in my home!

"While we set out to make a record for our little ones, mostly written while renee was on bed rest with amelia, and recorded in the recording studio we set up in amelia's bedroom, we really ended up making a record for ourselves & other parents like us. We welcomed a range of mood and melody from bright to dark, silly to stark, and influence from all our heroes of song, from drake to joni to marley."
-Renee and Jeremy

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