Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cowgirls and Campfire songs

I was out in the wild west last weekend, and found myself with guitar in hand next to a blazing campfire (no marshmallows) but good company and some very country styled and tasty tunes! My sister Emily and I jammed out all weekend and she taught me a bunch of her favorite country cover tunes. We did one called "Prairie Lullaby" by Don Edwards... and so this blog is a search for some good ole country tunes to learn around a campfire~

Don Edwards
I found he has a site on myspace with a song called "Coyote" which was recorded live along with "Cattle Call", I am definitely going to learn Coyote for next summer when Emily and I go stay at Patty's Cabin again.

"The freewheeling, well-traveled singer is one of the final archetypal representatives of America's underground folk tradition, a self-made wayfarer whose fifty-plus years of experience resonates through every tune captured here..." He is a definite Cowboy all the way, and his voice and songs are perfect for a smoky campfire!

These two brothers are modern day cowboys from Saint Paul Minnesota, who call themselves an "Early Country Brother Duo." My favorite song so far by them is "Cluck Ol' Hen" it's fiddlin' start and yeehaw twang is perfect for a little sittin on a log!

Sarah Wood
Not only is this Flatwoods Kentucky native a fantastic Banjo player, she rocks out on the fiddle too, her voice is youthful and sweet, and she has gracefully offered free downloads of all her songs on her myspace page, here!! I can see my sister and I singing some of her tunes with our guitars napping quietly in the sage brush, and our voices yodeling off the mountain tops~

Well I am off to do a little Yo da lay he hoo before the campfire burns out~~

g'night my sweet lil' coyotes~

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Songbirds- lovely ladies...

I went on a walk today down to river and saw the most beautiful yellow bird fly right in front of me, I thought about the little yellow bird on my walk... and she followed me home in my mind. There are little birds, beautful songbirds singing everyday for all of us... The ones I am going to share with you are those little rare songstress songbirds I found on my walk through the online music forest....

Isobel Heyworth

This Kingdom Beauty has an incredible voice... A definite songbird!
Her song "best dress on" is heartbreaking yet perfect for a rainy day... and her remix of it is a fun one to cruise the city streets with.


I found Emily Wells' music filled with her violin playing and orchestral arrangements, not to mention her amazing voice, and was won over immediately! Her music is fun, and perfect for a day of hula hooping or love making... tweet tweet!

Meaghan Smith

Canadian Songbird, sings with lovely lilting passion, reminiscent of old style 1930's vocals..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Garden Party Songs- songs to thrive on...

Artist Elsa Mora aka Elsita.
I love her artwork, it makes my heart ache and yearn... lovely.
her website is:

on to the Music:

Just the sound of Liliana Herrero's voice makes me feel I am smelling the sweet summer air and laying under a firefly lit night sipping ice tea and laughing with loving friends...

Lau Nau straight from Kemiƶ island, Finland, is perfect for a trippy romantic tea party for two... The sitar psychedelic vibe along a sweet playing flute and luscious female vocals will definitely lead you to wish on a star under a full moons light... and possibly some play in the grass.

If you are having an Eco-friendly organic fresh squeezed lemonade garden party, surround yourself with the ladies of R.I.S.E. (Rising Appalachia)... a perfect mix of Appalachian guitar picking, fiddle dancing poet roots music.

You can't go wrong with a lil' Old Timey Music, and The Carolina Chocolate Drops is a trio that will play perfectly as you grab your partner and scoot a little closer on the garden bench to each other... making flirty eyes over crumpets and moonshine tea!

I'm off to be Swinging into the next day with love in my heart!!
enjoy your garden parties my lovelies!