Saturday, August 9, 2008

Songbirds- lovely ladies...

I went on a walk today down to river and saw the most beautiful yellow bird fly right in front of me, I thought about the little yellow bird on my walk... and she followed me home in my mind. There are little birds, beautful songbirds singing everyday for all of us... The ones I am going to share with you are those little rare songstress songbirds I found on my walk through the online music forest....

Isobel Heyworth

This Kingdom Beauty has an incredible voice... A definite songbird!
Her song "best dress on" is heartbreaking yet perfect for a rainy day... and her remix of it is a fun one to cruise the city streets with.


I found Emily Wells' music filled with her violin playing and orchestral arrangements, not to mention her amazing voice, and was won over immediately! Her music is fun, and perfect for a day of hula hooping or love making... tweet tweet!

Meaghan Smith

Canadian Songbird, sings with lovely lilting passion, reminiscent of old style 1930's vocals..

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