Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Everybody got their something"

I recently discovered Betty Davis, FUNK DIVA! She is incredibly sexy and fun! Her anti-love song is a great theme song for a lustful day! This 70's sex kitten Diva and wife of Miles Davis was too wild for Miles!! He divorced her in 1969, explaining later in his autobiography that she was "too young and wild" for him. (He also suspected her of an affair with Jimi Hendrix). CHECK HER OUT!

Nikka Costa, a modern sexy funky Music Maker, after reading her bio, I was hooked... her advice was in order to make an album, do it fast, do it for yourself and do it for all the right reasons. She left her record deal, and wrote this newest album in 15 days!

Imani Coppola, her song "I LOVE YOUR HAIR" and "WOKE UP HWITE" are my favorite to run to when I need a release high, or blast in my bedroom at 3am...
"A brash, biracial beauty with the voice of an angry angel and a truck-stop vocabulary, she’s more concerned with creating music that feels like having a line of coke blown up your ass."

I am not planning on writing FUNK (not yet), but I sure do loved to be FUNKED by these ladies!

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