Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hula Hoop Me!

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Yeah, so as many of you may know I have been an obsessed Hula Hooper! I cannot imagine my life without those circular plastic rings swirling around my hips. Part of my online music communities research, is looking at the way in which people are able to find music online. With new search engines within sites, such as myspace, you can put in a keyword for example: Hula hoop and come up with a bunch of bands, songs, and even blog entries about Hula Hoops. I am going to attempt to find music about, for, and inspired by Hula Hoops!

MY first find is a band called Wet Dream from Western Springs, Illinois. These guys are pretty funny covering an Avril Lavigne song called "girlfriend", and I was impressed (sort of) by their song "Hula Hoop", but I loved their song "In the Shower". Check'em out if you want to enter into a teenage time warp. Their Bio is awesome:
"Our most distinctive attribute would be our lyrics. They are not your typical songs about love & hardship. Our songs our all based around childish toys and foods. We consider ourselves pretty immature, but this is what we feel sets us apart from the rest of the Chicago land area bands. We except who we are and we try to make the most of it. So with all of this we hope you enjoy our music and will spread the word around, that there is a band unlike any other. That band is Wet Dream."

OK back to Hula Hoops.

OK, this woman Janne Lind from Norway wrote the history of the hula hoop in a song...I am a little shocked by this... I am not sure what to say. But it was fun to hear!

"In 1958 in California... a simple plastic thing forming a loop... called a hula hoop!"


This is great, fantastic, makes me feel like hula hooping ghetto style, with my booty! :
Check out the Hula Hoop song he did with Abray Dewan,

"Girl do the hula hoop, break it down, down to the ground, round and round..."
Oh yeah baby!

Then there is the Caribbean boys, Better Band, who jam about Hula Hooping and man is it fun just to hear it! Makes me wanna Hula with a orchid in my hair and bare feet on the beach at sundown!

This is my favorite... Hula-Hoop Harlot Melissa-Anne.
The only catch is she only posted some great old Hula Hoop Songs she didn't write or perform them, but I have to get to work. These songs are by far the best Hula songs I have found on my online search experimental journey on myspace. I must find the real artists of these tunes, and I intend to, after I get back from Hula Hooping at the Library!

OH and we cannot forget about these two guys who started the MADNESS!

So my scientificahula findings are that there are indeed many songs about
Hula Hooping!


JC said...

It's great to see someone else who appreciates the intrinsic connection between music and hooping! Congrats on making it on! I had my blog linked from there as well. In it, I also go into detail about great songs to hoop to! Check it out:

Yoel Engel said...

I just wrote this song about love for my girlfriend and I'm trying to compare it with anything else... I thought I would land on your blog and there would be lyrics :P but anyhoo, if you want to check out the song i wrote and recorded on youtube just click on the link (PLEASE COMMENT ON IT IF YOU CAN!) :^)
A Song About Love