Monday, November 3, 2008

Ukulele Tunes

I have decided to stay away from anything to do with Politics on the night before election day and focus on things that make me happy tonight, and one of those things is the sweet sound of a Ukulele!

So here we go.... on a Ukulele adventure!

The first little strum came from Ukulele Loki
"Indiepan alley chamber-pop circus music"

Loki's music consists of a full orchestral band from Colorado, and makes for definite fun quirky circus music! It makes me feel as if I were dancing on a small little stage during the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island with the bearded lady! My favorite song is "Deformed Balloon Animals"!! Go ahead, go dance with the bearded lady, or a mermaid on the boardwalk!

Oh then we have The Ukulele Gangstas
This duo from London will make you laugh with their silly song "I can't handle your love handle" and their British accents with Ukuleles is just enough to bring a mischievous smile to any one's face. Their song Skoda Pimpin' reminds me of the Stray Cats lost on a deserted island with only Ukuleles and a band of angry new wave monkeys!

Looks like The United Kingdom is taking over Ukulele Music!!
The Bohemia Ukulele Band a 6 player ukulele band, has a very homegrown feel, as if you just stepped back into a time when people still gathered and play together out on their porch swings! :) Love their Pollyanna version of "Keep on the Sunny side" and their Uke angst cover of "These boots r made 4 walking"! Come one over and take a seat on the sunny side of the porch swing!!

Ukulele Club de Paris
I think I am in love...
Two of my favorite sounds together, French accents and Ukulele strummin'!
just go and listen... I can't type cause I am melting. :)
oh, but I cannot resist a little french bio:
"L'Ukulélé ressemble de prime abord à une simple guitare miniature. Un jouet. Pour autant, prononcer son seul nom suffit à évoquer ces atolls madréporiques guerriers cannibales et lascives vahinés rythment jour et nuit de sa musique, mêlée à celle des tambours, leurs danses et leurs incantations païennes."

"A Ukulele is a simple miniature guitar first of all. A toy. To pronounce its name is enough to evoke madreporic atolls where warlike cannibals and lascivious drummer's pound day and night of its music, their dances and their incantations pagan and wild." (my french from high school interpretation).

Of course I would not feel right with the Great Ukulele without some music from Hawaii!
This Hawaiian makes the Ukulele sound like a classical guitar!
Just Beautiful.
His humble music profile is endearing, as is his ukulele playing.
His cowboy ukulele songs are Just Lovely.

(this is a photoshop creation I made of my perfect lil' life)

I used to live on the big island of Hawaii,

I was won over back then by

hula hoops

hula dancers

& Ukuleles

I hope to return to my islands as a hula hoopin' ukulele playing old lady livin in a treehouse!

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Dagan said...

Aloha, thank you for your kind words. I am glad I can come off as "humble and endearing" as those are fine attributes to have. I did add a new track recently as I am working on some new material. Again, mahalo for listening.