Friday, November 21, 2008

Ethical Net Songcatcher

"I have to watch what I forgot to say...

there is only a little time to go for the catch...

with my net on the net, with music as the flying beauty...

her wings so easily broken and torn."

I am trying to understand, and more importantly make sure my research and my online songcatching is ethical. It's been somewhat hard to find a definitive outline, and the emphasis has been on ethical guidelines rather than recipes to this new ethnography.

I read the Association of Internet Researchers, Ethical decision-making and Internet research document. I read through this and felt somewhat lost, it is definitely something that needs to be read several times...

if you are bored already feel free to watch
Tom serenade his hot little kitty Cat!

So before I went to watch Tom & Jerry myself and can the whole blog idea for the night, I happened upon Georgia's Institute of Technology Ethics guideline for online research, and felt this seemed to at least make some logical sense, for a newbie like me to the field.
  1. You may freely quote and analyze online information without consent if:
    • It is officially, publicly archived.
    • No password is required for archive access.
    • No site policy prohibits it.
    • The topic is not highly sensitive.
  2. For everything else not covered by 1, you typically need consent.
Well that seems a little too easy... so from what I gather that means I can take almost anything from Myspace and research it without consent. weird. I am going to call my professor tomorrow about that. Please email me if you know anything about this... please!!

so on to the fun stuff...
bands and songs with ethics

Himachal Pradesh meets midwest USA::
song: Skank Ethics
"Short, sweet, and hopefully accurate: My name's Dave. When i produce, I call myself "Sharmaji" as it's both part of my last name and a good 'ol punk-rawk middle finger to the concept of caste; if a white-looking guy from NJ can call himself 'sharmaji,' everything's equal." - Sharmaji's Myspace bio

I dig the tunes, plus he is pretty cute. Is that ethical to say?

"we are from Serbia, we rock! we need visas ;)"

Song: Ethics of extermination

"The whole deal is basically mosh-metal with a shitload of melody and an immense influence of hardcore. In similarity to other bands, Deadrise have their principles and stick to them! Lyrics are mainly punk oriented with a heavy dosage of hatred to any sort of social and political injustice. Pollution, monopolism, any type of chauvinism, any religious fanaticism, along with any form of manipulating the human consciousness and prejudices are what the band opposes and fights against. Basically, without unnecessary ambition, the band exists for the sheer pleasure of its members." -excerpt of bands bio
These guys really won me over with there quote:
"we are from Serbia, we rock! we need visas ;)"

A Fetish for Ethics

the Influences of this band are better than a bio:
outer space, ex-girlfriends, hospitals, sticky dance floors, our friends and joy division.

They are fun, their music is a dorm party at Umass.

The Ethics
Ottawa, Ontario

"One would be hard-pressed to find music more melodic and lyrics more wistful than that of the Ethics. The Ottawa quartet's debut album, Even the Stars, was released late last year. It features six sophisticated , dreamy songs bursting with lush harmonies."- myspace bio

So if any of you haven't noticed already...
ethics and cute boy bands seem to go hand in hand.
I think I am starting to really like Ethics.

but before I check out...

I found this.

their song digital madness is unethical...
very unethical.
I like it~


D. said...

Laura - I've been bemoaning the fact that many of my favorite music blogs - typically done for the love of it, by enthusiasts who post music **with permission** - have lately due to some ramped-up RIAA/DCMA activity seen not only their song files but their accompanying WORDS taken down without notice ... their hard work lost to the ether and the so-called 'legal' whims of the business. As one of them pointed out, "the music industry is killing the music industry."

Cover Lay Down is the example that comes to mind but it all happened at once over the past month or so, and affected many of my bookmarked sites.

Just because the suits can't figure out a profitable digital model doesn't mean they can effectively censor someone else's intellectual property.

So, even following the ethical rules, one with the best of intentions - academic or otherwise - can get pinched or 'discouraged' ...

cryin' shame, it is.


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