Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I have been working with a bunch of bedroom musicians all around the planet, late at night, (hence the big bags, large under eye concealer budget and occasional lack of sanity) on this very cool musical collaborative site Indaba music. This site is so exciting and interactive, that I spend many of my nights staying up way too late chatting with musicians around the world, about tracks, our remixes, collaborations, etc...!

Big reason why I recently went away to the beach with no online access...
I needed to get away from INDABA and get some SLEEP! :)

I believe this is probably the coolest and most innovative way to make music online with other musicians today! Many of you know I am researching online music communities with a focus on online music and online collaborative projects, so as you can imagine finding this site was a dream come true.

Dan Zaccagnino and Matthew Siegel

Indaba was founded by Dan Zaccagnino, and Matthew Siegel last Feb. 2008, the site is free and already has over a 100, 000 members and counting. Aren't they just too cute? :) Plus I know a lot of us Girl Scouts are happy to be able to gather with more than just our troop to make some music!

What is Indaba Music?

Indaba Music is a place to network with other musicians and work in online recording sessions, mixing tracks recorded anywhere in the world.

As an Indaba member, you can:

  • Create a personal profile, blog, share music and photos
  • Find musicians, get hired, or create virtual bands
  • Mix and edit audio in-browser with online music software
  • Compete in online remix and collaboration contests

The fact that you can use Indaba recording online software makes this site stand out, since this allows anyone to create and collaborate as long as they have a computer and online access. There is no need to have a recording studio, expensive recording software, or even (I mean this in the best way) any real musical ability.

I mean Life is a Game... and this Site is all about PLAYING!

There was just recently a contest on the site to remix the Colbert Report from Comedy Central. Some of the remixes are just so fun and so insane...

I would suggest you come join us at Indaba Music, if you are willing to have some late night fun remixing and collaborating, or just chatting with some of us music lovers! There are some of us who use the site during the day too.

This sums up how I feel about this site ... whoo hoo!

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