Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Folky Farm Punk Girls & Boys!

Please go visit these happy dancing folks... Samantha's voice gives me shivers!!!

I am falling into an abyss of folky punky farm Girls and Boys!... What the hell am I talking about? well, I am starting to look into the strange world of making music for the sake of getting thru each day. Possibly music of the folks... the folks of today.

There seems to be this overwhelming need in our world to make things marketable these days within every aspect of art... well "f&*%^ that". Music has been taken out of the realm of community and made into an exclusive art form where kissing ass and selling out are the tickets to success...

See directly below!


Luckily there has been a shift of power in the music world, with the new digital age, which has created a new way to record music easily and affordably at home, now with solar power you can even record in a pig stye.

I am a little loopy off of the perfume fumes from above... so here, go check out these funky farm girls and boys and their tunes!!!

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