Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Empire of dirt vs. fantasy island- Pirate girl style

"I don't care about the weather, or my stupid past."

alright, i have had it with the human race. i am about to take off on a tiny boat to a small island... but instead of indulging in this infantile fantasy i decided to look for music that helps me thru this weird-isolating time of my life. Since I lost my band, my best friend , my band-friends, my general sense of self, my car, my ipod, and my cell phone and all in the span of 2 months I am feeling a little... well, like a Pirate Girl... ready to set sail!

here goes:
Pirate girl sailin' on a sea of MUSIC ...


"It's excruciatingly painful being green..."

Kermit has his own myspace page where he covers nine inch songs, radiohead, elliot smith, etc... this is a perfect rescue for pathetic self loathing folks and provides a way to laugh at one's empire of dirt!!
"Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Sad Kermit spiraled downward into a life full of addiction, romance and pain. The songs and videos on this webpage shed light on Sad Kermit’s descent into his dark, hurting world." myspace page

how about a little.... DEPRESSION PARTY?
Depression party is a great rock band with depeche mode like vocals, and silly mocking lyrics... just perfect for the small town depression we all feel at times... since their song "new Beginning" is about wanting to make a new start, but "someone" lives in the same town and keeps appearing... oh the irony!
"Everyone knows that it's a cold world, we're certainly not the first one's to point that out. But with a little bit of laughter it ain't so bad. There's always a little bit of room for partying. That's our stance! We're the Depression Party. Un-poetic and blunt, that's the way we like it, but we'll charm your panties off." Reforming in the Spring of 2006 with friend, Shane Kelley, filling in on drums the Depression Party release their "If It's Alive" single. “It seems Depression Party was just an ideal in our heads that we held onto and named. Not until now has it truly materialized.” One tends to find warmth and optimism through the Depression Party’s themes and tones. Piercing melodies of over-indulgence, guilt, geo-politics and nihilism." site.

Lost Myself Theory,
is right up there with taking off to a deserted island... great escape music, aarghh!

I totally dig this girl-boy band with their alt. weird electronic and depressingly silly music... perfect for a night of- i "lost myself" feelings along with some psychological theorizing.

To end this post on an even more sarcastic and silly note:

Yup, this is freaking funny, and a perfect cherry to top off a bad icecream sundae of a day!

"They have an accordion player though, so don't say I didn't warn you. ...Let's just hope Pirates R Us meant this as a joke." - Arizona Daily Wildcat

"Entertaining along the same lines as the mullet, Pirates R Us is a fun time for you and your friends." - What's Up! Magazine

We are Pirates R Us, and your booty is ours!!

Pirate girl is over and out, laughing, here's to calmer waters ahead mateys!

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