Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lead Belly Jams

I have been researching traditional folk music for children, and came across this great cd for children. Both my son and I totally dig this CD! It is fun to sing along with songs like "Pick a bale of cotton" and the many other sing-a-long songs Lead Belly does with a down home feel!
"This unique collection features delightful songs for young children as well as the work songs, blues, and spirituals Lead Belly used to teach children about the experiences and emotions of adult life. Originally reocrded in children's concerts and studios for asch and Folkways records in the 1940s, the 28 songs and spoken introductions reveal the humor, humanity, and musical genius of one of the great artists of the twentieth century. The sound quality is somewhat archival in nature, but Lead Belly's voice comes through loud and clear. On some tracks, you can hear a teacher introduce the song. There's nothing better than hearing your four year old son singing "Red Bird" along with Lead Belly. These tracks are the material source for decades of children's music, from Pete Seeger to Raffi and Dan Zanes." Pea Pods Review

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